Professional Background

Helen Scott is the Online Sweepstakes Advisor for She picks out the tiny details and decides on the direction in which our reviews and other content should go. Known for her passion and dedication, Helen brings extensive experience in content management to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information on our site.

Helen has always been fascinated by the online gaming scene. She aims to take it one step further by researching and providing the best updates available. Her commitment to ensuring 100% correct information about the casinos on our site is unwavering.

Areas of Expertise

As the online sweepstakes advisor, Helen is always on top of our reviews, striving for perfection with meticulous attention to detail. She considers herself an expert in the US online sweepstakes market and is an avid user of social media. Helen is constantly engaging with colleagues about industry trends, popular casinos, and new platforms to explore. Her in-depth knowledge and enthusiasm make her a valuable asset to our team.

Personal Interests and Hobbies

When she’s not researching sweepstakes, Helen leads a well-rounded life filled with various activities. She loves spending time at the beach with her two sons, Rosser and William, and her beloved rescue dog, Buddy. Helen also enjoys karaoke and trivia nights, adding a fun and competitive edge to her social life.

Helen believes that sweepstakes and social casinos are the best way to enjoy online games today. They offer a healthier, free way to play with the added excitement of winning rewards through contests. Her goal is to provide players with the most accurate and insightful reviews possible, guiding them toward rewarding and safe gaming experiences.

If you want to get in touch with Hellen, email her at:

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