Top Sweepstakes Payment Methods In The US May 2024

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American Express

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    Withdrawal Time: 72 hours
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    Minimum Deposit: $10
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    Deposit Fee: None
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    Established: 1850
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    Deposit Fee: None
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    Withdrawal Time: Instant
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    Established: 1998
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    Minimum Deposit: $10
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Apple Pay

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    Deposit Fee: None
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    Established: 2014
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    Great mobile app
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    Easy to use
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    Fast payouts
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    24/7 Support
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Discover Card

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    Withdrawal Time: 72 hours
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    Minimum Deposit: €10
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    Deposit Fee: None
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    Established: 1985
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Google Pay

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    Deposit Fee: None
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    Established: 2011
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    Great mobile app
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    Withdrawal Time: Instant
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    Minimum Deposit: €10
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    Deposit Fee: None
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    Established: 1978
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    Established: 2001
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    Fast payouts
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    Deposit Fee: None
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    Established: 2008
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    Fast payouts
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    24/7 Support
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    Safe & secure
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    24/7 Support
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    Small Minimum Deposit
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Diners Club International

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    24/7 Support
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    Safe & secure

Social casinos and sweepstakes websites are incredibly popular throughout the country. Thousands visit these gaming platforms to experience the fun and thrill of participating in sweep contests. Before continuing, allow us to remind you that it’s necessary to be at least 18 years of age to play these sweepstakes casino games.

In this guide, we focus on the best payment methods to use at sweepstakes platforms and social casinos. Whether you are playing via a web browser or an app, here’s how to keep your coin purchases safe and find a payment method that fits your preferences!

Sweepstakes Casinos Payment Methods

AmEx Sweepstakes Casinos

AmEx is short for American Express, the famous issuer of credit and charge cards. For decades, these cards have been a popular choice for offline and internet shopping. Apart from offering maximum security, holding an AmEx card has become a matter of prestige as it’s a bit more difficult to acquire than cards issued by some of its competitors.

American Express is user-friendly and easy to use. It only takes completing a simple form and entering basic details to buy gold coins and start playing. AmEx also has a system of rewards and other perks for cardholders, such as offering discounts.

Wow Vegas is an excellent choice if you are looking for a gaming platform that has AmEx among the payment methods. The provider has a generous welcome package, daily bonuses, and other incentives for social casino players. You can purchase gold coins and redeem sweep tokens offered as a prize.

Apple Pay Sweepstakes Casinos

Apple Pay doesn’t have a long history since the provider launched the service in 2014. But this payment method has a huge business behind it, which helped to quickly establish its excellent reputation. Apple Pay focuses on offering a dedicated payment method to iOS users. It works on iPhones, iPads, and other Apple devices.

You get robust security with Apple Pay, especially if you activate the Touch-ID protection, which requires your fingerprint to confirm the transaction. Privacy is impressive, too, since the casino won’t see your phone number or bank and card details. Maximum simplicity and convenience are rounded up by instant processing, making this a tempting payment method for sweepstakes.

McLuck Casino is a platform that supports Apple Pay. It offers an amazing social experience while playing for fun, and there are occasional bonuses to earn coins. Redemptions are fast, and the game selection is decent.

PayPal Sweepstakes Casinos

PayPal has been around since 1998, and it has over 420 million users worldwide. It proved to be an excellent and fast choice for online transactions, including for playing at social casinos offering sweepstakes, lotteries, and other games.

With PayPal, you benefit from maximum safety since the platform’s security protocols are bulletproof. Quick processing times and not having to share banking details with the casino are other reasons that players love this method. However, it’s necessary to have enough funds in your PayPal wallet to cover the planned purchase.

It isn’t as widespread as alternative payment methods, but you’ll find PayPal sweepstakes at a decent range of social casinos. Fortune Coins Casino is a new casino available in the US that offers this payment method. You’ll enjoy over 550 games on the platform, and everything works flawlessly without any malfunctions.

Visa Sweepstakes Casinos

Visa is among the most popular sweepstakes payment options, and for good reason. Getting a Visa debit card is possible even if you don’t have a credit history. Most banks issue these cards, and the fees when using them at social sweepstakes sites are low. You can also consider applying for credit cards, which come in the form of loans that allow exceeding your current account balance.

It’s simple and fast to use Visa. Entering your card details and confirming the transaction shouldn’t take more than a minute. Most social casinos don’t charge fees and finalize the transfer instantly.

You’ll find Visa’s logo in the list of supported payment methods at Wow Vegas. Although it only hit the gaming scene recently, the platform now has over 300 games, which is impressive. You have purchase packages starting at less than $1, and there’s a generous bonus selection to keep the fun going.

MasterCard Sweepstakes Casinos

MasterCard is a bit less popular than Visa, but millions of customers still use their debit and credit cards worldwide. Social sweepstakes platforms and casinos consider this a must-offer payment method, so the odds are you’ll have it available.

The purchasing process is identical to using any other card, and the redemption process is quick. It’s great that most users looking for this method already have a MasterCard. It’s an all-around payment tool, which means you can use it for other online purchases and pay at offline facilities like restaurants and supermarkets. is among the recommendations for the platforms to try with a MasterCard. You can look forward to bonuses with regular logins even if you don’t use it. Fast loading times ensure you can load any of around 100 games quickly, and there’s a reward program for loyal customers.

Skrill Sweepstakes Casinos

Skrill is an e-wallet and a strong PayPal competitor. It is licensed to operate in 49 states, is currently in the licensing process in Indiana, and also legally operates in the US territories of Guam, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. It does everything an e-wallet should, securing simple and instant transactions. The funds should be available immediately after entering the wallet address and confirming the transfer.

Skrill offers huge advantages in privacy and increased security. You do not need to provide bank account or card information. Your Skrill wallet address is enough to finalize the transaction. Although it’s not as commonly available as PayPal, many social casinos offer Skrill as a payment method.

Global Poker and Chumba Casino have the same parent company and accept Skrill as a payment option. Depending on your preference, you can enjoy hundreds of different games on desktop and mobile devices.

Trustly Sweepstakes Casinos

Trustly is a digital payment option intended for online payments. It adds an extra layer of security since it doesn’t require using an app or card to conduct the payment. Instead, it draws the funds from your online bank account and processes the transaction instantly.

“Pay N Play” is a special system established by Trustly for gaming fans. It ensures purchases will be completed immediately. While Trustly isn’t that popular in the United States, it can be convenient for social gaming and sweepstakes.

Pulsz Casino is among the social gaming platforms supporting Trustly. It’s been around for a couple of years and has over 250 games from reputable providers. Daily login streaks and other promotions could help you earn free coins, and Trustly is there if you still prefer to purchase some more.

Crypto Sweepstakes Casinos

Crypto is famous for its anonymity and decentralization. Bitcoin took the world by storm a decade ago, and you can now use Litecoin, Ethereum, and other tokens at social casinos and other platforms.

You get maximum anonymity with crypto sweepstakes. There’s no need to share banking details; the only thing to do is send funds to the specified software wallet address. Most crypto transactions are almost instant, but you use this method at your own risk. There’s no cancellation if you don’t enter the wallet number correctly, and the regulations surrounding the crypto market are still a work in progress. You need to consider relevant laws and taxes if you come out as a winner. is among the social casinos where you can use crypto. Fairness is guaranteed, and you can try over 200 games. Redemptions are also available in crypto, but don’t forget that verifying your account is a necessity. The requirements include providing a valid ID and proof of address.

Credit/Debit Cards Sweepstakes Casinos

These are two different payment methods often issued by the same providers. Credit cards offer a cash advance system that technically allows you to borrow money to make a payment, but you’ll need to consider the interest rates. Using this method affects your credit score, and you’ll need a decent credit history to get this card. A debit card is easier to acquire and only allows you to use what you have available in the connected account.

Paying with these methods is instant and simple. It’s why people use them to pay at restaurants or when booking a trip. Debit and credit cards are extremely safe, making them popular among US, UK, and other users worldwide.

Like most social gaming sites, Luckyland Slots accepts both types of MasterCard and Visa and promises instant transactions, so the funds reach your account balance quickly. You can then choose from over 150 games.

Online Banking Sweepstakes Casinos

Online banking includes transferring funds from a bank account to the chosen social casino. As with other activities, these transactions appear on your paper and electronic bank statements.

Bank transfers are safe, but they aren’t the simplest option: you will need to complete a request form with your bank account and other details. Fortunately, most banks and social casinos have helpful customer services if you have any questions. The actual transfer could take more than a business day, so you’ll need to be patient before the coins reach your account.

Fortune Coins Casino supports the classic bank transfer as a payment method. The social component is impressive, and you can benefit from a generous system of rewards and bonuses.

Top Sweepstake Casinos With The Best Payment Methods 2024

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  • Selling Point-3 Easy registration
GET 57,500 GOLD COINS + 27.5 FREE SC
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  • Selling Point-2 24/7 Support
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How Do We Rate the Best Sweepstakes Payment Methods in the US?

Our focus is on the experience you have when using the payment method on social gaming and sweepstakes sites. Here are the factors we assess during the process:

  • Reputability. We look for a valid license, check the company’s reputation, and confirm they offer a reliable payment method.
  • Security. Can we expect the transaction to be encrypted, and does the provider offer discretion when it comes to what appears on your card statements?
  • Charges involved. Do you need to pay a fee when using this method, and what are the expenses?
  • Availability. Can you access the payment from the United States, and is it available on the chosen platform?
  • Ease of use. Players appreciate when payments are simple and only require entering basic information.
  • Available devices. You should be able to use a computer, smartphone, or other portable gadgets to make a purchase or redeem winnings.
  • Processing time. You don’t want to wait forever to get the chance to play on the chosen social platform, so finalizing transactions quickly is imperative.

Do All Sweepstakes Accept the Same Payment Methods?

No, eligibility of a certain payment method depends on the provider. Some social sweep sites only have two or three options to purchase coins, while others extend this selection to over a dozen choices.

Social sweep site administration teams aim to include popular payment methods. It’s why you’ll often find at least one debit or credit card or e-wallet as an option. Money orders or Western Union and similar services are far less likely to be available.

The availability could depend on your state or location. Different payment methods might be an option in Alabama or Puerto Rico. The best way to confirm this is to head to the social sweep site and register an account to visit the cashier page. That’s where you’ll find the list of all eligible methods in your area, so just pick the desired option.

Payment Gold Coins

How Can I Buy Gold Coins Using Sweepstakes Payment Methods?

Let’s learn the steps to how a qualifying customer can buy gold coins.

  1. First, you need to be 18 years or older and a resident of a US state (Washington is excluded) or Canada.
  2. Second, you must select one of the available Sweepstakes or Social casinos.
  3. Third, you can claim a new player’s welcome offer or signup directly.

Signing up requires entering some personal information and verifying your account by email. An easier way is to start your casino account with your Gmail, Facebook, or a similar social media platform that is accepted.

Some of the Sweeps casinos out there will unlock your bonus coins after you’ve made a gold coins purchase. Other brands don’t require signing in to play sweepstakes games – they offer free credit to try on one or more video slots.

However, in order to continue your casino adventure, you will need sweepstakes cash. You are required to buy one of the available gold coin packages. Every sweepstakes business displays the “Buy” button in a prominent location on the screen. Selecting this button opens up a panel where the player can choose the number of gold coins to buy.

The ratio between dollars and gold coins can vary between casinos, but generally, it is more or less similar when you factor in typical play sizes.

Most casinos sell 4000 gold coins for around $2.00. Signup bonuses can sometimes land between 10,000 and 200,000 gold coins in your account. These can go a long way in entertainment when the smallest bet is around 250 coins.

For example, Chumba Casino has a first-purchase exclusive offer where players can get more coins than the usual rate. At the highest tier, players can pay $99.00 in exchange for 11,000,000 GC and 40,000 loyalty points. Another example is Pulsz Casino, where you can pay $99.00 for 628,000 GC plus 1,800 VIP points.

Why Should I Buy Coins at a Sweeps Casino?

A Sweepstakes casino is a gaming site where players can join playing without previous experience or spending a single cent. In fact, sweeps and social casinos are the best places to learn how to play casino games. Anyone 18 years or older who fulfills the requirements can sign up for free.

While online gambling is in the process of becoming legal in a growing number of US states, most of them have yet to update their legislation to permit the proliferation of full-blown real cash casinos.

On the other hand, sweepstakes and social casinos are permitted in the majority of US states, and they present casual and pro players with the best online gambling alternative that is safe and legal.

These types of casinos give new players a competitive gold coin package along with free sweeps coins. Gold Coins represent the casino currency that can be purchased with real money but can not be redeemed as such. But can you win real prizes at sweepstakes casinos? Yes.

Sweeps coins are bonus coins that can be won while playing casino slots by completing daily signups, participating in competitions, reaching milestones, and as part of purchasing additional GCs. It is sweeps coins that players can redeem as real prizes. Also, players can request them from the casino for free by mail.

The above may make it obvious that purchasing gold coins “chips” lets you enjoy the casino experience much longer than playing at real money casinos.

The risk of gambling large sums of money by making large bets and during brief intervals is diminished. In other words, casino slots, video poker, slots with jackpots, and other table games can be enjoyed casually while all the features of the casino experience are still there.

The other important difference in the rising popularity of sweepstakes and social casinos is that they are legal by US law and accept various payment methods. The signup process is rather easy as there are few types of direct login, websites are secure, and casino bonuses are readily available online. Meanwhile, many casinos reward players for merely playing there.

Wining Sweeps Coins

How Can I Obtain Sweepstakes Coins?

The system of Sweepstakes casino currency is easy to understand and works well for this kind of online casino gaming. Perhaps a lot of sweeps casinos lack the Megaways slot games that other casinos have, but they compensate for that with plenty of social contests, promotions, and rules that are easy to follow.

Sweepstakes coins are the other of the two active currencies that you will meet while playing sweep slots and other games. These coins can’t be bought, but they can be won. Casinos award their players with redeemable currency in more than one way:

Buying a set of gold coins will include several sweeps coins as part of the package. Casinos can award one, two, seven, or 15 sweep coins – there is no rule and limit as to how many. It all depends on claiming a good promotion while it is available. A sweepstake casino may change its offers occasionally, but it always has something new and exciting coming up.

Reaching milestones in casino games is another way to get sweeps rewards. Landing a win of a certain amount in select slot games or tournaments may also entail winning sweepcoins. Some casinos award prize coins for completing a set number of spins.

Another popular way to obtain prized currency is by completing daily logins or by visiting the casino’s Facebook page.

The beauty of Sweepstakes Casinos is that they can create different ways for players to make SC wins. Video slots come with in-play tasks, and completing these will add promotional points that go towards earning sweeps coins.

And saving the best for the last is another way to receive free sweeps coins: request the casino via email or regular mail for a chance to win a promotional amount of coins that appear in your casino balance. Details about the mail-in promotion can be found on the casino website.

How Can I Win Free Gold Coins and Sweep Coins Using Sweepstakes Payment Methods?

Most sweepstakes websites use a two-coin system that includes gold and sweep coins. The purpose of gold coins is to maximize your social experience. You use them to play for fun and win prizes, but it’s not possible to convert them to cash.

Here’s how you can win gold coins

  • Check if there’s a promotional event on the provider’s social media pages. Facebook or Instagram promotions are common and could help you get your hands on gold coins.
  • Activate a welcome or another bonus. You might receive a certain amount of coins upon registering.
  • Use the purchasing incentive offered. Some platforms will give a bigger value of gold coins if you purchase above the specified amount. That means you technically receive free coins.

As for sweep coins, the rules are a bit different. You use these tokens to compete for actual prizes, but it’s impossible to buy them. Participating in promotions or receiving them with a gold coin purchase are the common ways to get sweep tokens. After you get these coins, you can browse the sweepstakes site and choose from the available game entries to play.

Do All Social Casinos And Sweeps Sites Have The Same Coin System?

Generally, yes. All Sweeps and Social sites offer casino sweepstake games based on the Gold Coin/Sweeps Coin system. To underscore the facts, gold coins are non-redeemable, but players need them to play. Playing sweepstakes casino games means winners will earn Sweeps Coins, which can be redeemed for cash or a gift card.

The ratio between a dollar purchase and a gold coin can vary. As we showed above, casinos can have different ratios between dollar and gold coin, but essentially, it will come down to the same value because casinos have a different threshold for a minimum play. For example, the Elven Princesses slot has the smallest play of 50GC, while the Big5 Africa slot has the smallest bet of 250GC.

Do I Have to Pay Extra Fees When Using Sweepstakes Payment Methods?

The actual fees will depend on the payment method you use. However, the general rule is that participation in these contests won’t be charged by the casino; not charging fees is their way of saying thank you for joining the entrants.

Sweepstakes operators could even have a loyalty program that includes free coins, loyalty points, and other incentives. New player promotions are also a part of the social casino culture. It’s common to receive sign-up bonuses and incentives as a part of the welcome promotion.

The only fees charged are the ones imposed by the payment issuer, such as your bank or card provider. Winners should check the platform’s terms to confirm if there are any extra fees when collecting their prize(s). Some providers and payment issuers might charge these transactions.

How Do Sweeps Casinos Verify My Purchase?

Sweeps casinos have a different concept for signing up. Some don’t require creating an account and letting you enjoy the free gold coins while they last. Most others require creating an account. Purchasing gold coins requires signing up with your email address, user name, and personal credentials. Selecting one of the gold coin packages proceeds with a payment screen where you can choose one of the available options. If you pay with Skrill or PayPal you will need to log into the platform.

For card purchases, you need to enter the information on your card. Once payment is complete, the Sweeps casino will automatically email you the number of gold coins you’ve bought. The same amount will appear in your balance. Also, purchases that you’ve made will appear in your online or paper bank statement or in the e-wallet’s apps statement. Regulations require casinos to inform the customer about the purchase.

Safest Payment Methods

What Are the Safest Payment Methods?

Those companies that offer the best security are the ones that have been around for decades. Without getting too technical on the matter, such payment processing platforms submit each request through encrypted protocols, ensuring that billions of transactions each day are completed without fault.

E-wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay also provide a safe way to store your bank accounts in one place. However, users must protect their device with one or more passwords, like fingerprint or face recognition or a PIN, and password-protect the payment app itself.

Social and sweepstakes casinos that are legal entities under US law can provide payment methods that are well-known and proven for their security mechanism. Customers of casinos can locate the payment methods on the website footer or on the screen displaying the payment form. If you recognize none of the widely-accepted payment methods there, you need to reconsider making a deposit on that casino.

The following list is for the safest payment methods at legal sweepstakes and social casinos:

  • Visa
  • American Express
  • MasterCard
  • Skrill
  • PayPal

How Do I Know if a Payment Method Is Trustworthy?

Casino players are advised to use payment processing platforms and e-wallets that are standard and widely accepted. Most people today are aware that the gold standard in terms of card payments is Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Online payment processing companies like PayPal have been around long enough that their logo is ingrained in the collective memory.

Despite this, we should emphasize that the internet is permissive to scams, so we do have a few notes of advice to share.

If a casino offers a payment method you aren’t familiar with, whose name and logo you don’t recognize, it is best to avoid it and stick with the basics. By now, the choice of payment methods has reached several proven companies, so most players should find no urgent need to replace Google Pay, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Skrill, and other well-established e-wallets with something that comes out of the blue.

Some casinos offer cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin, and similar for deposits and payments. While crypto has proven to be a serious contender to replace cash and even cards at some point in the future, it is still a novel payment method for most people.

A note on email scams. It has happened that scammers mimic the email layout and logo of a company in a fishing effort. Many people have fallen victim to these scams. However, it pays to know that none of the companies we’ve just mentioned will ever request your account number, user name or password via email or text message.

Sweepstakes Payment Methods FAQs

US sweeps casinos with trusted payment methods are Luckyland Slots, Gambino Slots, Fortune Coins, Funzpoints, Global Poker and many other.

Safest options to buy gold coins – the sweepstakes casino currency are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and other e-wallets that are widely accepted in the industry.

Gambino Slots is one of the casino sites that grants free bonus coins without requiring a deposit.

Even though social casinos can accept payments for credits that can extend your gameplay, they are focused on the fun factor only. Therefore, social casinos can’t convert virtual coins into real money.

Sweepstake casinos are based on the social casino gaming model are legal in almost all the US states. Exceptions are usually made by the companies themselves.

It is impossible to account for every sweepstakes casino on the internet, however, about a few dozen casinos are considered to be most successful in terms of the games and promotions they can offer.

Generally speaking, this is up to the sweeps commercial department searching for the best deals related to them and their customers.

Despite everyone thinking of apple pay, and google pay. people’s favorites are usually Paypal, still, and Trustly. If you find a sweeps casino with these methods, for sure are keeping in mind their customers.

Sweeps Casinos have real-time tournaments for registered customers. Live dealer games are only offered at some standard online casinos.

There isn’t really a straight answer. Sweepstakes casinos are free, and you could perfectly never spend a cent, and have plenty of fun. Some players take the advantage of daily bonuses, whereas others can’t hold excitement and want more.

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