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Sweepstakes have been around for decades, and online sweepstakes sites are becoming increasingly popular. But in a sea of often mediocre social casino sites, trying to work out which ones will give you the hours of entertainment you’re looking for, which ones offer good value for money if you make a purchase, and which ones can be trusted with your winnings can be difficult.

That’s why we want you to leave it up to us. Our objective at is to create a hub of sweeps-related information where you can rest assured that you’re getting all the facts. That way, you can make an informed decision about what you want to do with your time.

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How Do We Rate Sweepstakes Casinos?

Several things factor into how we rate a sweepstake site. Here’s a general overview of what we keep an eye out for:

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  • Does a legitimate company own this sweepstake site?
  • Does this sweepstake website accept players from all over the United States?
  • Does this sweepstake site offer good options for players who do not wish to purchase any sweeps tokens?
  • Does this site offer multiple payment methods for purchasing coins?
  • Can the winnings from this sweepstakes site be redeemed for real US dollars?
  • Does the sweepstakes site have a wide selection of games and different game types?
  • Is it easy to contact the site’s customer support team?
  • If the answer to most or all of these is yes, then the sweep site will likely earn a high rating from us.

How Do We Rate Slots?

Besides sweepstakes casino reviews, we also rate some of the most popular games on those sites. Here’s what we base our slot ratings on:

  • Is the game well-executed, or does it look old and dated?
  • Does the game have any special features?
  • How original is the theme?
  • What’s the maximum amount you can win on the slot?
  • Is the gameplay fun, or is it boring?
  • What’s the RTP percentage of the slot?

The more of these a slot gets right, the higher it will go in our rankings.

Why Trust Us?

We are part of “Gaming Innovation Group,” a company that has been within the gaming industry since 2008 and has a noticeable reputation. As a new brand, we aim to give the best possible reviews as straightforward as possible. We want you to be able to come across our content and easily find what you truly want without all the hassle that usually comes along with a review full of data.

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  • We don’t mind giving our unbiased opinion. We don’t have favorites, and don’t hesitate to speak out loud if we like something.

Who Is GiG?

GiG, also known as Gaming Innovation Group, is a Malta-based B2B company responsible for other sites such as CasinoTopsOnline. GiG has an affiliate marketing subsidiary GiG Media. Whenever you find those three letters together, you can bet that you are in for a quality brand.

Where Is GIG Based?

As mentioned before, GiG is based in Malta, but still, from there, they hold licenses from NewSt Georges Bay Malta Jersey, Colorado, Indiana, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Tennessee. These licenses enable affiliate marketing services within those state borders.

Responsible Gaming Pledge

Here at SweepstakesCasinos.Net, we love having a good time, playing social casino games, and

the thrill of winning prizes. That being said, we have to get serious for a second.

Sweepstakes games and casinos are still a form of online gaming. You can play for free but also buy gold coins when you run out of the ones you already acquired for free.

Any gaming can become addicting. We should never play outside our spare time. Gaming is a moment to relax in our routines, have a good time, and never skip work, university, or any other responsibility for gaming.

In case you or any of your close ones manifest any addiction, we recommend seeking help and calling your local addiction phone line.

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