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Top New Sweeps Casinos with Real Rewards July 2024

After last month’s analysis, we’ve added Thrillz and Fortune Wheelz to our list of best up-and-coming sweepstakes casinos.

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5,000 GC, 1.41 SC + 3 Treasure Chests
  • Selling Point-1 Daily Free GC and SC
  • Selling Point-2 Large selection of slots
2,000,000 GC and 250 Sweeps Tokens
  • Selling Point-1 Popular cryptocurrencies accepted
  • Selling Point-2 Available in most States
  • Selling Point-3 Generous welcome bonus
250,000 Gold Coins + 500 FREE Sweeps Coins
  • Selling Point-1 Promo Code: SSCGOLD
  • Selling Point-2 Available in most States
  • Selling Point-3 Integrated Charity Support
Up to 10 FREE SC and 120,000 FREE GC + 250,000 GC and 10 FREE SC for $2.99!
  • Selling Point-1 24/7 Support
  • Selling Point-2 US Players Accepted
  • Selling Point-3 Outstanding VIP Program
  • Selling Point-4 550+ Games
Get 170,000 GC + 7 FREE Sweeps Coins
  • Selling Point-1 Quick Payouts
  • Selling Point-2 Free Sports Predictions
  • Selling Point-3 Daily Tournaments & Prizes
25,000 LC Plus 25 FREE SC for $14.99
  • Selling Point-1 Great selection of table games
  • Selling Point-2 Video Poker
  • Selling Point-3 No deposit bonus
  • Selling Point-4 Crypto Casino
GET 57,500 GOLD COINS + 27.5 FREE SC
  • Selling Point-1 Large selection of slots
  • Selling Point-2 24/7 Support
  • Selling Point-3 Great offers & promotions
250K GC at Sign-Up + Up to 500 SC for FREE
  • Selling Point-1 Quick Registration
  • Selling Point-2 Support provided 24/7
  • Selling Point-3 Daily Bonuses

About New Sweeps Casinos

Sweepstakes casinos, although newer than traditional real money casinos, have captured significant interest. They provide a unique gaming experience, allowing players to enjoy an experience similar to online gambling but with fewer risks.

Sweepstakes casinos draw you in with their distinctive gaming experience, particularly social interaction, which you don’t usually have with regular online cash casinos. Popular on social platforms like Facebook, sweeps casinos enable fans to connect, share insights, and compete for prizes.

While sweepstakes-type competitions are a recent addition to online gaming, their history extends back to the 1950s. The online format of sweepstakes casinos, often leads to questions about their nature, how they function, and how they differ from other casino forms.

How to Get Started at New Sweeps Casinos

Embarking on your journey with a new sweepstakes casino in 2023 is straightforward.

  1. Pick an online sweepstakes provider. Our website offers detailed reviews of new sweeps casinos to help you choose the right casino.
  2. Create your account at the chosen sweeps casino. This process is streamlined for quick and easy completion. You may need to provide proof of identity, depending on the site.
  3. Explore free gold coins offers after your account is verified. If you need more gaming currency, consider purchasing virtual currency for playing sweepstakes casino games, which allows competing for more prizes and rewards.
  4. Take advantage of welcome promotions and bonuses as a new player. Many sites offer enticing incentives, including prizes and bonuses for registering or making your first purchase. Taking advantage of these enhances your gaming experience and lets you try it out at a low (or no) cost.

New Sweepstakes Casinos Pros and Cons

  • Bigger and better promotions Thumbs Up
  • More games than ever to choose from Thumbs Up
  • Great customer support Thumbs Up
  • Not always tried and tested Thumbs Down
  • Not all offer real cash prizes Thumbs Down

Features of the Top New Sweeps Casinos

New sweeps casinos stand out from traditional online casinos with three distinct features:

1. Extensive Game Variety

Sweeps casinos offer an impressive range of online casino games. If you’re looking for diversity, these casinos have it, with hundreds to thousands of games available. Players can enjoy a mix of classic and modern games. Popular choices like blackjack, roulette, and poker are complemented by a wide selection of slot games catering to different gaming preferences.

2. Enhanced Social Interaction

A key differentiator for sweeps casinos is their social component. If you enjoy engaging with others, these platforms are built for socializing, featuring chat options and the ability to earn badges and rewards. These social elements, visible to fellow players, significantly enhance the gaming experience. Moreover, their integration with social media platforms like Facebook makes them a prime choice for socially active users.

3. Focus on Promotions and Bonuses

Promotions and bonuses are a major highlight of sweeps casinos. If you’re seeking extra value, these casinos offer promotions designed to provide additional gold coins and enhance your sweepstakes drawing chances. The variety and allure of these offers distinctly separate sweeps casinos from traditional online counterparts, adding to their appeal.

Bonuses at New Sweepstakes Casinos

Online sweepstakes casinos have rapidly made a name for themselves in the online casino gaming space despite being relatively new.

The environment is highly competitive as sweepstakes casinos utilize various promotions and bonuses to draw players to their platforms. These typically include a mix of in-game bonuses, extra gold coins for gameplay, or even additional sweeps. The specific bonuses you receive will depend on the platform you choose and the type of virtual currency the sweeps casinos uses.

When purchasing specific quantities of gold coins, you often become eligible for additional bonuses. These can enhance your gaming experience on sweepstakes casino games.

It’s important to be aware of any restrictions attached to these bonuses. Such restrictions can be significant, potentially affecting how you use your funds. Therefore, paying close attention when selecting a sweepstakes casino is crucial to ensure that you fully understand the terms of use.

Playing Casino Games at New Sweepstakes Casinos

Players at sweepstakes casinos frequently encounter new operators who introduce games not found elsewhere. If you’re a gaming enthusiast, you’ll appreciate this constant infusion of fresh gaming options.

Sweepstakes casino sites are growing rapidly, primarily because they offer the opportunity to play casino games for free. This feature has made them increasingly popular among online gamers. Initially, playing sweepstakes casino slots was the primary method for winning virtual currencies and redeeming sweepstakes prizes. However, the landscape has evolved, and now you can earn sweeps coins by engaging in a variety of social casino games, including contests and giveaways.

The expansion of game offerings is evident. Where once sweepstakes casino slots dominated, you now find a diverse array of games like poker, roulette, and even bingo. This diversification means that sweepstakes operators continually elevate their offerings with high-quality online sweepstakes games to stay competitive and appealing.

🔥Editor's Hot Take: Does the New Shine Come Off?

In my experience, new sweepstakes casinos often generate a lot of buzz with flashy promotions and promises of innovative features. However, this excitement can sometimes overshadow the reality that these new platforms may not always deliver on their promises. While it's tempting to dive into the latest offerings, players should be cautious and thoroughly research these new casinos. The allure of something new can lead to disappointment if the casino falls short in terms of game variety, customer support, or overall user experience. It's crucial to weigh the hype against the actual value and reliability before committing your time and money to a new sweepstakes casino.

How To Find The Best New Sweeps Casinos

To find the best new sweeps casinos, focus on key factors such as licensing, game variety, promotional offers, and user reviews, which set apart top-quality platforms in the burgeoning online gaming world.

Here’s what we take into account when reviewing new sweepstakes casinos:

  1. Restrictions: Investigate any gameplay or redemption restrictions. For example, some casinos might limit how much you can redeem from bonus winnings.
  2. Acquisition of Coins: Understand how you can acquire gold coins and sweep coins. Different casinos have various methods, such as through gameplay, purchases, or as part of promotional offers.
  3. Currency Conversion Rates: Check the conversion rates used for virtual currency. This could impact the value of your purchases or winnings.
  4. Licensing: Confirm that the casino is fully licensed, ensuring legal and fair gaming practices.
  5. Game Variety: Assess the range of games available. Top casinos usually offer a diverse selection, including slots, table games, and unique sweepstakes variations.
  6. Promotions: Look into the promotions on offer, such as deposit bonuses or free spins.
  7. Welcome Bonus: Determine if a welcome bonus is available for new players, which could include extra coins or exclusive game access.
  8. Reputation: Research the casino’s standing in online gaming communities, reading reviews and player feedback.

Experimenting with a few different sweeps casinos is also useful. Many offer demo accounts, allowing you to sample games like slots, poker, or bingo in a fun, commitment-free environment. This experience can help you discover which features and games align best with your preferences.

We recommend checking out our review section, which can offer further insights and help guide your selection of the best sweeps casinos to try. Our sweeps reviews are designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of each platform’s offerings, helping you make informed decisions more easily.

Tips For Playing At New Sweepstakes Casinos

Here’s how you can make the most out of your time playing games at sweepstakes casinos:

  1. Choose the Right Casino: Pick a sweepstakes casino that fits your tastes, like one specializing in slots or table games. Our reviews can help you make an informed decision.
  2. Game Selection: Ensure the casino offers your favorite games. Many casinos now provide a variety, including poker and unique slots.
  3. Search for Bonuses: Look for casinos with substantial no-deposit bonuses or daily specials that add value to your gameplay.
  4. Payment Methods: Choose a casino with payment methods you prefer, whether it’s credit cards, e-wallets, or bank transfers.
  5. Customer Service: Good customer service is crucial. Select a casino that matches your preferred communication style, be it live chat or email support.

The Best New Sweepstake Sites For US Players

#1 Scrooge Casino

Scrooge Social Casino US

Scrooge Casino is a new standout with plenty of games available. If you want a fresh easy-to-use sweeps casino that accepts both crypto and fiat currency, Scrooge is a top-level choice. The platform is sleek and the welcome bonus is strong enough you’ll be able to play a while before exhausting your funds.

New players get 2 million gold coins and 250 sweeps tokens to use and if that’s not enough there are daily wheel spins special deals and plenty of opportunities to get more currency. The Scrooge McDuck theme fits the casino perfectly and it has a strong selection of games, including slots, table games, fish games, and even “casuals” which refers to Minesweeper, Heads & Tails, Plinkos and similar.

The casino combines the allure of top-quality games, outstanding bonuses, and crypto banking to create an excellent overall experience. For players who are part of the crypto community or those looking to integrate their gaming with their crypto investments, Scrooge is an excellent choice.

Scrooge Casino Pros and Cons


  • Offers slots, table games, and keno
  • Large welcome bonus
  • Good mobile support


  • Few payment methods
  • No mobile app
CTA Mobile Coins

Sign up Bonus

2,000,000 GC and 250 Sweeps Tokens

#2 Vegas Gems Casino

Vegas Gems Casino Homepage

Vegas Gems puts a small twist on the usual sweepstakes casino formula by renaming its currencies. If you don’t mind using gems instead of gold coins and shards instead of sweeps coins, you won’t have any trouble navigating this platform. It’s a simple concept you can explore in depth by playing any of the social casino’s 400 games. Experienced casino enthusiasts will recognize storied developer names that include Belatra and Pragmatic Play.

There’s more to quantity to Vegas Gems, as the operator offers some unique games like Mines, Towers, Crash, Coin Flip, and Wheel. They’re not difficult but provide a nice break from what you’d expect from a similar online establishment. In addition, the site offers a significant breadth of payment options, going so far to include crypto payments, debit/credit cards, and e-wallets.

As there’s no mobile app for either iOS or Android devices, you’ll have to make do with the browser version, but I found no issues with it and didn’t really miss a dedicated app.

Vegas Gems Pros and Cons


  • Daily chest and shards boosts
  • Unique games
  • Leaderboard competitions


  • Minimal banking options
CTA Mobile Coins

Sign up Bonus

Up to 1,000 Gems + 50% More Gems on Your First Purchase

#3 Golden Hearts Games

Golden Heart Games Casino Homepage

Bringing a dash of charity to the world of Sweepstakes, Golden Heart Games isn’t exactly new, but it deserves a standout mention. The operator commits to paying a percentage of all purchases to non-profits and charities chosen by the user. With over 44,000 companies assisted, it definitely lives up to its name.

The generous welcome bonus of 250,000 gold coins and 500 free sweeps coins is plenty for new users, and returning players can look forward to Daily Wheel spins and take advantage of refer-a-friend bonuses. The slot selection isn’t large but Golden Hearts makes up for it with Bingo events and even a small collection of table games.

Golden Heart Games Pros and Cons


  • Charity donation integration
  • Bingo and table games
  • Generous welcome bonus


  • Limited slot selection
  • Poor customer service options
CTA Mobile Coins

Sign up Bonus

250,000 Gold Coins + 500 FREE Sweeps Coins

#4 Zula Casino

Zula Casino homepage with a space theme and a game selection in the lower part of the screen

Styling itself “America’s Hottest New Social Casino,” Zula has a lot to offer. From snappy and user-friendly interface to generous bonuses for both new and returning users. Despite the lack of table games, it’s selection of slots is top notch and they all come from reputable developers.

New players can look forward to 100,000 free gold coins and 2 sweeps coins on signup as well as a hefty first-purchase discount that will net them 250,000 GC and 10 SC for just $2.99. Despite the lack of a mobile app, the site runs great on mobile and its clean design lends itself well to smaller screens.

Zula Casino Pros and Cons


  • Excellent interface
  • Generous bonuses
  • Top-notch slot selection


  • No table games
  • Limited customer support options
CTA Mobile Coins

Sign up Bonus

Up to 10 FREE SC and 120,000 FREE GC + 250,000 GC and 10 FREE SC for $2.99!

#5 Sportzino Casino

Sportzino Homepage Showcasing stylized athletes games and promotions

Launched in early 2024, Sportzino offers a combination of sports betting and standard casino fare. With hundreds of games and plenty of sports betting markets, there’s something for everyone. Ne players, especially, are in for a treat with the 180,000 GC and 6 SC welcome bonus. You’ll have to jump through some hoops by registering and verifying various social media and communication accounts, but I think it’s well worth it.

The sportsboo/casino features an extremely clean interface and it’s very easy to navigate. It’s optimized for mobile devices so you won’t even feel the absence of the app. The sportsbook is strong enough to rival even the big dogs of the sports betting industry and you’re likely to find anything you’re looking for. Casino games are limited to slots, which could be improved on but it’s hard to hold it against the sweeps casino since the rest of the offering is so good.

Sportzino Casino Pros and Cons


  • Live sports
  • Great welcome bonus
  • Excellent bonuses for existing customers


  • No live or table casino games
  • Limited sportsbook availability
CTA Mobile Coins

Sign up Bonus

Get 170,000 GC + 7 FREE Sweeps Coins

New Sweepstakes Casinos And Social Casinos FAQ

Mostly. Washington is the only state that outright bans them but you should always check if a sweeps casino can legally operate in your state and stay updated on the latest regulations.

Yes, generally. Ensure they have a valid gaming license and offer verified payment methods like bank transfers or e-wallets. Also, read online reviews for additional safety assurance.

Absolutely. Many offer free-to-play options via demo accounts. Try games risk-free before using gold coins. Most sites provide a starting balance for cashless play.

Yes, most are. They either have mobile apps or are optimized for browser play on mobile devices, allowing gameplay on the go.

Yes. They undergo a rigorous licensing process, different from traditional casinos, to ensure customer protection, fair games, and secure transactions. Always verify a casino’s license on their website.

Why Trust

At, we don’t just provide information about the new sweeps cash casinos, we fully dive into the online sweepstakes casinos to bring you information about the best newly minted sweeps casinos on the US market.
We dedicate a significant amount of time and effort to our content:
  1. Detailed Review Process: Our team dedicates over 10 hours to each review, covering all relevant aspects to players.
  2. Experienced Writers: Our team consists of nine experts with combined decades of experience in the online gaming industry.
  3. Comprehensive fairness and safety analysis: While sweepstakes casinos don’t require the same type of licensing as real-money casinos, we check state-by-state availability, verify security protocols, and assess RTP percentages.
  4. Accurate ratings: We focus on five main factors when determining the overall score and provide additional detailed commentary based on other aspects of the casino or the game.
  5. Selective Recommendations: We’ve reviewed over 40 online sweepstakes casinos but we recommend only the ones that meet our criteria.
  6. Thorough first-hand experience: We evaluate the signup process, banking methods, and overall user interface first-hand.
  7. User feedback integration: We analyze hundreds of user reviews to reflect true player experiences.
  8. Monthly updates: We update the content on a monthly basis to bring you the most accurate information.
  9. Commitment to responsible gaming: We prioritize the well-being of players, provide guidance on responsible gaming practices and educational resources, and highlight casinos that offer player-friendly tools.

We Put a Lot of Effort into Reviewing Each Social Casino

At, each online sweepstakes casino review is the product of over 10 hours of dedicated research, following a rigorous evaluation process. That way, we ensure that every aspect of the social casino experience, from game selection to customer support, is thoroughly tested and accurately scored.
» Our criteria are designed to stress-test each platform’s operational usability, transparency, and reliability.

Our Team Consists of Experienced Professionals

Our team is comprised of 6 industry veterans who both know what to look for when testing a website, and how to convey it to our readers. They have combined 50 years of experience in the online gaming landscape.
» The combined experience and overlapping and complementary fields of expertise allow us to provide you with the most comprehensive reviews and content in the sweepstakes casino space.

Fairness and Safety Analysis

Each sweeps casino undergoes a comprehensive evaluation of its legal status in all US states.
We check the casino’s history, read the terms and conditions, and ensure the encryption technology is on par with the industry standards.
We review the fairness of games by verifying RTP percentages and the integrity of Random Number Generators.
» These metrics are meant to ensure that each social casino we review casino meets and exceeds the industry standards.

We Provide Accurate Ratings

At, we don’t just give opinions based on subjective accounts. We’ve developed a rating methodology that ensures our social and sweeps casino ratings are both accurate and reliable.
It’s an 8-step process that we’ve distilled into 5 important criteria, rated on a 5-point scale.
We examine the following:
  • User experience
  • Number and variety of available games
  • Selection and value of bonuses and promotions
  • Breadth of banking options
  • Quality and speed of customer support
You can read more about our rating methodology on our Review Criteria page.
» By putting players first and relying on a tested methodology we provide easy-to-understand and comprehensive overviews of casinos we review.

We Rely on First-Hand Experience

Research alone won’t cut it. We understand the importance of first-hand experience and ensure each aspect of the casinos we review is thoroughly tested. Everything from the registration process and supported payment methods to the responsiveness of customer service and the transparency of the bonuses is vetted and examined.
» This approach allows us to provide you with the most useful and player-focused information you need to pick the right social casino.

We Incorporate User Feedback

Real player feedback is integral to our review process. We gather and analyze hundreds of reviews and comments from actual users to gauge the reputation and reliability of each casino. This feedback helps us identify common issues or standout features that might not be evident through standard testing alone.
» This means our reviews are balanced and reflective of the player community’s actual experiences, and it allows us to give you a clear picture of what to expect.

We Update Our Reviews Regularly

The online sweepstakes casino landscape is constantly evolving, and so are our reviews.
We revisit and update our content every month to ensure it reflects changes like new game releases, updated terms, and shifts in state regulations.
» We remain committed to accuracy and providing up-to-date information. This ensures you have access to the most current and reliable information to decide if a particular social casino is right for you.

We’re Committed to Responsible Gaming

At, we believe that playing at online sweepstakes casinos should be a straightforward and positive experience. We recognize the importance of responsible gaming and are committed to ensuring that players are informed and equipped to maintain healthy gaming habits.
How We Promote Responsible Gaming:
  1. Highlight Responsible Gaming Tools: We identify whether a casino provides tools like self-exclusion programs, deposit limits, or play-time reminders. These features can help players manage their gaming activities more responsibly.
  2. Provide Educational Resources: We include links to reputable organizations that offer support and information on responsible gaming, such as the National Council on Problem Gambling.
  3. Encourage Mindful Play: We emphasize the importance of setting personal limits on time and money spent. A mindful approach that prioritizes enjoyment is our preferred approach to sweepstakes casinos.
  4. Identify Red Flags: We detail potential warning signs of problematic gaming behavior in our content. Recognizing early indicators can help players or their loved ones seek assistance before issues escalate.
  5. Advocate for Transparency: We prioritize casinos that maintain transparent terms and conditions, particularly when it comes to bonuses, withdrawals, and support for responsible gaming initiatives.
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