Best Rated Sweepstakes Casinos With Cash Prizes & Free Slots 2023

What Are Sweepstakes Casinos?

Although the gambling industry is growing in the US, only 4 states remain legal; Michigan, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Laws are quite restrictive and it is quite hard to play slots, poker, and other table games loved by everyone.

Sweepstakes are a fun alternative for casino enthusiasts in the US. Since there’s no need to use any real money, these avoid classic gambling rules as well as the laws connected to them. Because of this, they are completely legal across all states excluding Washington.

When you first sign in to these sweeps casinos, you will always get some sort of a welcome package consisting of a decent amount of Gold Coins (the currency you will use to play games) and Sweeps Coins (the currency you will use to unlock games and you will also be able to redeem them for real prizes).

How Do Sweepstakes Casinos Work? happy winner with long hair in white

Although the mechanics behind them sound quite complicated (unlike money casinos), sweepstakes casino games are very simple to play! Collect your free bonuses at sweepstakes casinos and compete with friends and family for the chance to win coins that you can redeem for real-world prizes! Let us fill you in with all the information there is to know about this fun style of social gaming!


How To Sign Up At A Sweepstakes Casino

To get started, users must sign up for an account with your sweepstakes casino of choice. Since sweepstakes and social casinos are completely legal and require no purchases to play, most times, you can link your social media accounts and forget about any extra steps.

This procedure is just as simple as signing to a traditional site, sometimes even easier.

If you just want to play entirely for free:


  • You can either sign in using your Facebook account or create one from scratch by filling up your basic personal details.
  • Keep in mind that you have to be at least 18 or older.

If at some time, you are thinking about redeeming cash prizes, the casino will ask for more details.

  • You will have to upload your ID showing you’re 21 or older
  • Fill in your bank details.
  • Some sweepstakes sites might ask for more information.

What Are Gold Coins And Sweeps Coins?

Once this is all setup and your identity has been verified, you will usually be offered a good amount of on-site currency. These virtual currencies are usually divided into two:

Gold Coins – you earn them when you first sign up at a casino, or by buying Gold Coin packages. They have no monetary value, other than for playing purposes.

Sweeps Coins you cannot buy these, you can only earn them through contests, buying Gold Coin Packages, and creating an account.

Although the name of these may vary depending on the casino you play at, usually, they function the same way.


What Can I Do With Free Sweepstakes Coins?

These gold coins act as an in-game currency that can be used to play classic casino games. This includes slot games, jackpot slots video poker, table games such as blackjack, and other casino favorites.

Keep in mind that you will never need to spend money to play at sweepstakes casinos if you don’t want to. You can use your available free coins to learn how to play, practice, and even win jackpots of sweep coins. These will allow you to play more games, and eventually, even redeem for cash prizes


How Do I Get Free Sweepstakes Gold Coins?

There’s a win-win going on with sweepstakes and social casinos. Simply by following their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you will most probably find out about contests and tournaments where they give out huge prizes like there’s no tomorrow. So basically, if you play your cards right, and have a little patience, you can pretty much always play for free without the need of purchasing new Gold Coins packages.

Where Are Sweepstakes Casinos Legal in The US?

Sweepstakes casinos are legal in almost all of the US. Since there can be some doubts as to where you can play in the US, here’s a tab listing your available state!

Delaware Pennsylvania New Jersey Georgia Connecticut
Massachusetts Maryland South Carolina New Hampshire Virginia
New York North Carolina Rhode Island Vermont Kentucky
Tennessee Ohio Louisiana Indiana Mississippi
Illinois Alabama Maine Missouri Arkansas
Michigan Florida Texas Wisconsin California
Minnesota Oregon Kansas West Virginia Nevada
Nebraska Colorado North Dakota South Dakota Idaho
Wyoming Utah Oklahoma New Mexico Arizona
Alaska Hawaii Iowa Montana


Where Are Sweepstakes Casinos Blocked?

Currently, online sweepstakes casinos can be played across the US provided you are aged 18 years or over. There are a small number of states in which sweepstakes casinos are blocked, although the limits are much less strict than they are for traditional online casinos.

Make sure to check the conditions of the casino you are applying for, and see if there are any requirements you didn’t think about.

How Old Do I Need To Be To Play At Sweepstakes Casinos?

If you’re going to be playing entirely for fun with no money involved, you can play for free from the legal age of 18, but if you’re planning on purchasing gold coin packages and redeeming prizes, you will have to check your resident state. On average the legal age starts at 21, but it doesn’t hurt to check!

How To Win Free Sweeps Coins In Casino Games


A question we frequently find ourselves when playing is… How can I win more? How can I be the best at sweeps slots?


Ok, there isn’t a secret to this. But you can do something that will increase your chances of earning more sweepstakes currencies, and have a blast while you’re at it. Pay close attention!


Search For Bonuses


One way is searching for the casinos with the wildest offers. Sweeps coins sites – especially the newer ones – are big on having massive free no-purchase bonuses, but also have a pretty big list of daily bonuses, contests, promotions and more.


Keep your eyes open, do a little bit of research, and you will find yourself a nice deal.


Write An Old-Fashioned Letter


Yup… as easy as it sounds, read the terms and conditions, and you will find out that many social casinos, offer you a special amount of sweeps coins just by doing that.


A lot of people don’t take advantage of this because they might find it a hassle… and it might be… but believe us, it’s worth it not to be lazy when you can earn so much for free!



Read The Rules And The Fine Print


Yeah… for us, lazy people, reading a big chunk of a paragraph can be boring, and time-absorbing, but believe us, it’s quite worth it.


Take your time, and read the conditions, especially when it comes to redeeming options, purchase methods, etc. All casinos have their own rules, methods, etc, so, make sure that you fit all the requirements before playing, and potentially losing time… you know… time is money!


Tips For Playing At Sweepstakes Casinos


Here are some tips for you to enjoy the fullest sweepstakes casinos experience.


  1. Make sure the sweeps casino you’re looking at, has the games you want.
  2. In case you want to buy and redeem, make sure the payment methods are compatible with yours.
  3. Remember you can always play for free with welcome packages. Once you run out of your coins you can always start playing in another sweepstakes casino.
  4. Keep track of the social media accounts of your desired Sweeps Casino. This way, you will enjoy multiple offers, prizes and even get to know people such as you involved in the same games you are!
  5. Keep it fun! Sweepstakes are for having fun first and the possibility of winning prizes second. But remember that while sweepstakes casinos are not considered to be gambling sites. there’s still the risk of becoming addicted to playing games and spending money on coin packages – please do play responsibly.


Which Games Can I Play At A Sweepstakes Casino?


When it comes to sweepstakes games, there isn’t that big of a variety. Sweepstakes Casinos mainly focus on:


  • Slots are the number one game displayed and searched for in social casinos. You will find a huge variety of slots featured on every sweepstakes casino: classic sweepstakes slots, sweepstakes jackpot slots, themed sweeps slots, and many others.


  • Social Poker: Some sweepstakes casinos, such as Global Poker, offer different variants of social poker, where you can play socially with other players through contest tournaments and poker-themed slots for large amounts of gold coins and sweeps coins. Operators specialized in social poker often offer tournaments as mentioned before.


  • Table Games and other games: You can find some small roulettes and blackjack tables featured in sites such as Global Poker, but it’s not usual, probably because sweepstakes are still developing the best way to make these games legal without losing quality.



What Are The Most Popular Sweepstakes Casino Slots?


A variety of different sweepstakes games have proven to be popular with online casino fans, including classic casino games like blackjack, roulette, and poker. However, by far, the most popular category of games is sweepstakes casino slots. Some sweepstakes casinos offer slots from the biggest game providers in the industry, meaning players can enjoy themselves spinning reels just as much as they would at a traditional online casino!



America’s Favorite Sweepstakes Games

PG Soft

Play Now


Play Now


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ELK Studios

Play Now

How Do We Review And Choose The Best Sweepstakes Casinos?


Selecting the best sweepstakes casinos is not easy since this is a new trend in the US, and all are competing for the number one position. That being said, we will summarize some points that help meet our standards and criteria.


  1. Having a good app or browser experience. Nowadays, we use our smartphones for basically everything. A friendly user experience, good design, and fluent scrolls give us a reliable and professional impression. So the first thing we do when reviewing a sweepstakes casino is to ensure this basic feature stands out above the rest.
  2. Bonuses: What pusses people to choose one casino over the other? Exactly, which one offers the greatest promotions, doesn’t matter if it’s a bonus code, welcome package, or any way they want to name their promotions. Having these is usually the first thing everyone lays their eyes on.
  3. VIP and Rewards programs: These are much more common amongst traditional casinos. Not many Sweepstakes or Social Casinos offer this, but whenever we see them offering this, we highlight them since they are rare to see and award loyal players.
  4. Games: Sweepstakes casinos are all about Slots, although some offer different options, such as poker or different versions of popular table games (this is rarer since only Global Poker offers a social poker experience). So our criteria for sweepstakes games fall under which casino offers the best providers and quality.
  5. Payment Methods: Being such a new trend in the US, not all sweepstakes and social casinos have all the payment options, so we like to take a closer look at this on each sweep casino and see which options are available.
  6. Customer Service: In a time where all companies, regarding their niche, are offering chats or FAQs, we like to dig a bit deeper and see if they offer; 24-hour chat, direct email, contact numbers, etc. We like to pay close attention to reviews on google and see what others say about them.


You can have a look at our dedicated page to read the rest of our sweepstakes reviews and see which one fits you best!



How To Find the Best Sweepstakes Or Social Casinos To Play


With so many online sweepstake casinos out there, it can often be tough to find the right one for you.


That’s where we come in! Our reviews are aimed at helping you make up your mind about where you’d like to play. We have a dedicated page for each trending Sweepstake and Social casino. In our reviews, we always discuss these points, which we think are critical for an amazing gaming experience, and our final score is based on these metrics.


  • What kind of bonuses and promotions does the site offer?
  • What kind of online casino games does it give you access to?
  • Does the website offer an enjoyable user experience?
  • Is there a good customer care system in place?
  • Does the company have a good reputation online?
  • What restrictions do they have in place on your winnings?

Top 5 USA Sweepstakes And Social Casinos For September 2023


We are making things easy for you! Here’s our take and what we believe are the most valuable sweeps coins casinos.

Fortune Coins


Fortune Coins offers a social casino experience exclusive to US players. Fortune Coins has got you covered even if you’re based in one of the states that don’t allow real money online casinos.


Being a baby in the industry, they have already shown to be the best option when it comes to social casinos. They have a friendly user interface, many bonuses, and a really nice display of games!


We consider them our Top Pick mainly because they’re an ace in all important aspects; Bonuses, Redeeming Prizes, Customer Service, and the site’s appeal… there isn’t a negative side to this social casino beast. Take a look for yourself, and have fun!

Sign up Bonus

5,000,000 GC + $20 FREE COINS

Luckyland Slots


Looking for the best slots sweepstake casino? Look no further. Luckyland is VGW’s heaviest hitter.


Launched in 2019, these guys have demonstrated that you can play like the real thing when playing slots, without busting the bank, completely for fun, in a relaxed environment, with great perks, and social experiences.


Head out to their site, check for yourself what bonuses they bring to the table, and how you can benefit from following them on their socials!


Sign up Bonus

Sign up and get 7,777 FREE Gold Coins + 10 Sweeps Coins



This is, without a doubt, the best crypto sweepstake. They have been around since 2017 with a vast library of over 200 games that their players can’t help to come back to. Only accepting cryptocurrencies, you can play completely for free and win amazing real prizes. have a wide library of games, excellent 24/7 customer service, and what many players have been demanding for a long time; exclusive crypto payments.


Sign up Bonus

25 Stake Cash + 250,000 Gold Coin

Wow Vegas


Welcome to Wow Vegas, these guys haven’t been around for a long time, but they are definitely promising, and that’s why we keep them in our TOP 5 picks.


Having the highest amount of games with top-notch quality, 24/7 customer support, and juicy promotions, it wouldn’t be weird to feature them as our number 1 soon enough. Fortune Coins better watch out! Wow Vegas is here to stay and make a difference!


Sign up Bonus

5K Wow Coins + 1 SC credited to your account when 1st Sign In!

Chumba Casino


Another of VGW’s gems is Chumba Casino! A fun operator full of exciting offers and really great packages, including a really generous first purchase offer.


Once you enjoyed your welcome offer in Luckyland Slots and played all the slots you can get, you might want to take advantage of this amazing offer and get to know the rest of Chumba’s library.

Sign up Bonus

2,000,000 FREE GC + 2 FREE SC

The Best Sweepstakes Casinos Online Bonuses September 2023


  1. Fortune Coins Casino Get $8 in Free Coins – No Purchase Needed!
  2. Luckyland Slots Sign up and get 7,777 Free Gold Coins + 10 Sweeps Coins
  3. Get 10K Gold Coins + Daily Stake Cash as well as 5% rakeback
  4. WowVegas Get 5K Wow Coin and 1 Sweeps Coin when you first sign in
  5. Chumba Casino $30 Gold Coin Offer for $10 on your first buy
  6. Gambino Slots Get 1,000 Free Gold Coins when you sign up
  7. Login every four hours to get $20.00 in free Virtual Credits
  8. Global Poker EXCLUSIVE – Get 65% off using code PLAYPOKER
  9. Pulsz Casino Sign up and get 10k Free Gold Coins + 2.3 Sweeps Coins
  10. Sweepslots Casino Sign up and get 10,000 Free Gold Coins


Best Promo Codes For Sweepstakes Casinos


With online sweeps coins sites becoming increasingly popular, there are several types of promotions and bonuses that are an increasingly popular tactic to attract new players and provide them with an even greater value for money.


To qualify for the promotions and other bonuses offered by sweeps casinos, you will sometimes have to enter a promo code – although many sweepstakes casinos do not make use of promo codes at all. A promo code activates the bonus so it can be applied to your account. You can often find these using the search engine of your choice. However, by far the most efficient way to track them down and compare them is by using a sweepstakes review site – like this one!



How To Get Free Sweeps Coins And Premium Credits


One of the easiest ways to access bonuses such as free sweeps coins and premium gifts is to sign up for an account! As competition has increased, online sweepstakes have started to offer welcome bonuses to encourage you to sign up for their platform – for example, Chumba Casino gives a daily bonus to all players who log in and collect their reward. You can usually redeem these once you have set up a verified account with the site.


Sweep coins are usually the most valuable bonus you can get, so always look out for these when they are on offer! The process for unlocking these bonuses can often be quite complicated, so always be sure to follow the instructions exactly and pay attention to the small print! Try and avoid sweeps bonuses where the restrictions seem too high.

Most Popular Sweepstakes Payment Methods

Logo image for American Express

American Express

  • Check Icon
    Withdrawal Time: 72 hours
  • Check Icon
    Minimum Deposit: €10
  • Check Icon
    Deposit Fee: None
  • Check Icon
    Established: 1850
Logo image for Apple Pay

Apple Pay

  • Check Icon
    Withdrawal Time: Instant
  • Check Icon
    Minimum Deposit: €10
  • Check Icon
    Deposit Fee: None
  • Check Icon
    Established: 2014
Logo image for Paypal


  • Check Icon
    Withdrawal Time: Instant
  • Check Icon
    Minimum Deposit: €10
  • Check Icon
    Deposit Fee: None
  • Check Icon
    Established: 1998
Logo image for Trustly


  • Check Icon
    Withdrawal Time: Instant
  • Check Icon
    Minimum Deposit: €10
  • Check Icon
    Deposit Fee: None
  • Check Icon
    Established: 2008
Logo image for Visa


  • Check Icon
    24/7 Support
  • Check Icon
    Bank ID
  • Check Icon
    Easy registration
Logo image for Skrill


  • Check Icon
    Withdrawal Time: Instant
  • Check Icon
    Minimum Deposit: €10
  • Check Icon
    Established: 2001
  • Check Icon
    Deposit Fee: 5%
Logo image for MasterCard


  • Check Icon
    24/7 Support
  • Check Icon
    Available in most States
  • Check Icon
    Safe & secure
Logo image for Google pay

Google Pay

  • Check Icon
    Minimum Deposit: €10
  • Check Icon
    Deposit Fee: None
  • Check Icon
    Established: 2011
  • Check Icon
    Withdrawal Time: Instant
Logo image for JCB


  • Check Icon
    Withdrawal Time: Instant
  • Check Icon
    Minimum Deposit: €10
  • Check Icon
    Deposit Fee: None
  • Check Icon
    Established: 1978

Online Sweepstakes Casino Pros And Cons

  • Available all throughout the US Thumbs Up
  • Lots of promotions, free spins and bonus packages on offer Thumbs Up
  • No need to spend any of your real money Thumbs Up
  • Amazing prizes to be won, risk-free! Thumbs Up
  • Redemption process can be long-winded Thumbs Down
  • Sign-up process can involve extra steps Thumbs Down
  • There aren't as many sweeps casinos as there are online casinos Thumbs Down

Are Sweepstakes Casino Sites Better Than Online Casinos?


In terms of whether sweepstakes casinos are better than traditional online casinos, this is ultimately a very personal question!


As we have seen, online sweepstakes casinos offer a unique playing experience that is quite different from what traditional casinos have to offer.


As such, it really just depends on what kind of playing experience you are after. If you are looking for a relaxing, risk-free playing experience, where you don’t have to spend any of your own money, sweepstakes could be just what you are after! Sweepstakes slots provide a more social playing experience than traditional online casinos.


An added bonus is that sweepstakes and social casinos are legal all over the US, whereas real-money online gambling is only legal in a handful of US states.

Online Sweepstakes Casinos And Social Casinos FAQ

Yes, sweepstakes casinos are legal in the United States. Some sweepstakes sites are not allowed to offer their services to clients in specific states, but this is usually on a case-by-case basis.

Unlike a traditional casino where you play with real funds, sweepstakes casinos work a little bit differently. Instead of real cash, you get free coins that are used to play casino type games. There is no need to purchase gold coins, but you can do so if you want to enhance your social casino gameplay, or top up your sweepstakes casino account if you have run out of free coins. Purchasing coins at a sweepstakes casino is not mandatory at all.

Playing games gives you the opportunity to earn sweeps, which are like entry tokens to play sweepstakes games. These sweepstakes games give you the opportunity to win prizes.

All sweepstakes casinos are free, with no purchase necessary. But going a step further than that, many online sweepstake casinos offer free demo games to let you try them out before committing any sweeps or gold coins! Simply sign up for a free account to access them.

When you play sweepstakes casino games, you are not playing with real cash. Instead, you typically purchase gold coins (or another type of virtual currency). Each time you purchase these coins to use at sweepstakes casinos, you will be given sweeps coins as a free bonus. Some casinos then allow these sweeps coins to be exchanged for prizes.

You need to be 18 years old to legally access sweepstakes casinos.

VGW (Virtual Gaming Worlds) is widely regarded as the best sweepstakes service provider. It is responsible for the likes of Chumba, Global Poker, Luckyland and Scratch Carnival.

The major difference between sweepstakes casinos and traditional casinos is that with sweeps, you are using virtual currencies such as gold coins to play slots and other casino games, rather than real cash. These virtual currencies are often given for free, though you can also buy virtual currencies using real-world money to supplement your gameplay.

While online gambling is banned in many US states, you only have a few small amounts of states where online casinos are legal such as Michigan, West Virginia, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Sweepstakes are not considered gambling, and that is why they are legal across all of the United States. Sweepstakes casinos are likened more to a social game you play online with friends, rather than a traditional casino game – which is why they are sometimes referred to as social casinos.

As sweepstakes casinos do not use real cash to fund games, they do not fall under the same rules and regulations as traditional casinos. As such, they are permitted in states where traditional online casinos are otherwise banned.

In contrast to sweeps coins, gold coins do not hold any set value. Instead of using them to enter into sweepstakes games, you usually use gold coins to advance among your friends and co-players on whatever sweepstakes casino platform you are using. In short, sweeps give you the chance to play for real cash prizes, while gold coins do not.

Generally speaking, you will not be able to convert gold coins into sweeps coins. However, by continuing to play, you increase the chances of acquiring sweeps coins, which can be converted.