Statistically Accurate Rating System

Because we create data-driven, expert ratings

Our ratings are backed by expert evaluations and extensive data analysis. We employ advanced statistical methods to ensure our scores are reliable and reflective of true user experiences. Our simplified scoring system makes it easy for you to make informed decisions.

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Editorial Integrity and Objectivity

Because we publish and edit content with the utmost integrity

At, we adhere to strict editorial guidelines to ensure our content is accurate, unbiased, and transparent. Our publishing principles and ethical content creation and review processes are designed to provide you with trustworthy information.

Our Commitment to Legal Compliance and Player Safety

Because we follow our target country’s legal requirements

We strictly adhere to online gambling laws and licensing requirements in regulated markets. Player protection measures are at the forefront of our operations, ensuring a safe and legal gaming environment for all users.

Industry Recognition and Testimonials

Because our business excellence is validated by our partners

Our excellence is recognized by industry partners and validated through numerous awards and testimonials. We pride ourselves on the positive feedback and industry accolades we receive.

Empowering Our Users

Because we care about gambling education

We provide a comprehensive learning hub filled with guides and resources to help you understand the world of online sweepstakes casinos. Our goal is to address common questions and concerns, empowering you with knowledge.

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Responsible Gambling Practices

Because we protect our players

Your safety is our priority. We offer tools and resources to promote safe gambling practices and prevent underage and problem gambling. Our commitment to responsible gaming is unwavering.

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Environmental Responsibility

Because we care about our environment and carbon footprint

We are committed to sustainable online practices, including green hosting and energy efficiency. Our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint reflect our dedication to environmental responsibility.

Web Accessibility Commitment

Because we try to make the web more accessible

Ensuring our website is accessible to users with disabilities is a priority. We conduct regular accessibility checks and compliance efforts to provide an inclusive online experience for all users.

Diversity & Inclusion

Because we support equal opportunities for all

We believe in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within our organization and community. Our initiatives aim to support equal opportunities and create a welcoming environment for everyone.

Why Trust Our Ratings?

Combining expert evaluations, extensive data collection, and advanced statistical analysis, our ratings reflect the true quality and reliability of online sweepstakes casinos. has been the number one source for online sweepstakes casinos in the US for many years.

By focusing on these pillars, SSC ensures that our users have access to reliable, transparent, and trustworthy information, making your online gaming experience safer and more enjoyable.

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