Account Verification

All sweepstakes sites require players to verify their account upon signup or when redeeming prizes. You must verify via email or SMS after creating a new account. Before you redeem a prize, the site will require you to provide a copy of a government ID, such as a driver’s license, passport, or state ID card. Utility bills, phone bills, or other options can also be requested as proof of address.

Alternative Method of Entry (AMOE)

Sweepstakes operators must offer an AMOE due to sweepstakes laws and regulations. Once you join a site, review the Sweeps Rules to find information on the alternative method of entry. This will include directions on mailing in a request for free Sweeps Coins.


This term refers to the character or icon associated with your account. The site may preselect the avatar, or you may be able to customize it with an image or personalized character.


Bonus Offers

A bonus offer is a deal the online gaming site provides for sweeps rewards. Most providers include a welcome bonus that you can use to play for free. The bonus can include Gold and Sweeps Coins. Additional bonus offers will be available, with each operator offering varying options like daily log-in promotions or purchase deals.


Sweepstakes sites use the term BUY to describe the purchase process for Gold Coins. You do not have to deposit funds to play. Instead, you receive free coins. You have the option to buy more via the Coin Store of the site.


Casino-Style Games

Because sweepstakes sites operate without real money, they use the terminology casino-style games. You will find the same great slots, table games, live dealers, and scratch cards as major casino providers, but the games are considered casino-style games as you are not wagering real money to play.


Daily Login Bonus

The daily login bonus is my favorite promotion of a sweepstakes site. Simply log in each day and earn a Gold and/or Sweeps Coins bonus. The bonus may arrive in pop-up form; you may have to claim it in your account or spin a wheel to see how many coins you earn. Most daily bonuses are featured every 24 hours, though some sites offer multiple log-in deals per day.

Deposit Bonus

Sweepstakes sites do not include a deposit bonus so you won’t find that offer type available. Instead, you can buy Gold Coin packages to earn more GCs and add free Sweeps Coins to your account.


Eligibility Requirements

This term refers to the requirements needed for access to the site. Most sweepstakes sites require players to be 18 or older and located in select states. You must meet all eligibility requirements to access sweepstakes gaming services.


This term is used interchangeably with play or spin. It simply refers to playing a game, similar to a bet or wager in real-money gaming.


Free Coins

These refer to the Coins you receive from the site. Providers may refer to Gold or Sweeps Coins as free coins when they offer a no-deposit bonus.

Free Play

This term is used to describe gaming that is for entertainment purposes only. Sweepstakes sites give you free Gold and Sweeps Coins, which can be used to play games at no cost.


Gold Coins

These are the freeplay coins found at an online sweepstakes site. Use the coins to play any game you like. The coins have zero value and are only used for entertainment purposes.


Gold Coins may also be referred to as GC.



This refers to a large prize you can win from a slot game. The jackpot may be a fixed one and dependent on the amount you wager or a progressive one that grows until it is hit by a lucky gamer.


KYC (Know Your Customer)

A sweepstakes site must comply with local laws and regulations to ensure player safety. KYC is a process where the operator must verify your identity. The provider will request a copy of your government ID (driver’s license, passport, or state ID) and proof of address (utility bill/phone bill). Additional documents may be required based on the gaming site. The casino will then use the information to confirm your identity.


Legal Jurisdiction

This term describes an area where the casino is legally allowed to operate. States that offer the site’s services are considered legal jurisdictions. Common states where gaming is prohibited include Idaho, Michigan, Montana, and Washington.


Sites often feature leaderboard competitions where players can compete for extra Gold or Sweeps Coins. Such events require players to spin specific slots and earn points during the competition. The top finishers on the leaderboard at the end of the competition will earn a prize.


Mail-In Entry

Sweepstakes gaming sites are required to provide mail-in entry options due to sweepstakes laws. Review the Sweeps Rules of a site to see how to mail in a card to earn free SCs.

Minimum Redemption Amount

This refers to the minimum amount you can redeem for prizes at a sweepstakes site. You must meet the minimum requirement by playing SCs and ensuring you have enough eligible coins to qualify.


No Purchase Necessary

This term is synonymous with sweepstakes gaming. The operators must offer no purchase necessary gaming. This is why players earn free Gold and Sweeps Coins upon signup, to ensure the freeplay element.


Odds of Winning

This refers to the percentage at which you can see a return on your investment. The odds of winning can be based on the return to player percentage (RTP) for slots and the house edge for table games.



Slot games typically have several paylines. Matching symbol combinations must appear on active paylines to provide a prize. Some games allow you to change the number of active paylines, while others have a set amount.


The term play is used instead of bet or wager. It describes spinning a slot or playing a hand of blackjack.


Redeeming Sweeps Coins will generate a prize. You do not earn a payout or earnings. Instead, you can claim a prize with eligible SCs. You need to playthrough SCs based on site requirements to be eligible to redeem a prize, be it a gift card or cash prize.

Progressive Jackpot

This refers to a type of jackpot found in slot games. The jackpot is rolling, so it grows with every play of the game. It is activated once the correct symbol combination is hit or a special feature is activated. It will then restart at a set amount and grow again until it is activated.


Online sweepstakes sites always offer promotions that players can take advantage of. The welcome deal starts the promotional offering, and then sites can offer daily log-in deals, purchase offers, rakeback, and more. Each site has its own set of promotions.

Promotional Sweepstakes

This refers to a specific game mode that can be played at sweepstakes sites to be eligible for prizes.


Sweepstakes sites offer purchase options via Gold Coin package deals. If you purchase a Gold Coin package to add more GCs, the site may also include free Sweeps Coins with the deal.



Many sweepstakes providers offer races that are similar to leaderboard competitions. Participate and play select games to earn points for extra Gold and Sweeps Coins.


Select sweepstakes casinos to offer rakeback, allowing players to earn bonus cashback based on gaming. The terms will vary, but for the most part, you receive a percentage in GC or SC with a rakeback program. Incentives may be provided daily, weekly, or monthly.

Random Number Generator (RNG)

The RNG refers to the random number generator connected to casino games. Software companies utilize the RNG to ensure every play of a game is fair. The outcome is always random, which helps void any possible cheating or unfair wins.


Sweepstakes sites offer players a chance to redeem prizes rather than withdraw winnings. The term redemption describes the process of removing prizes from your account via Sweeps Coins.

Registration Bonus

This refers to the welcome bonus players receive upon registration. This bonus is typically a no-deposit deal at sweepstakes sites, allowing players to play for free.


Slot games have reels on which the symbols land to create winning combinations. They can have three, five, or six reels. Some games have expanding reels, which can increase the total number of reels on the game grid based on certain in-game actions.

Responsible Gaming

All gaming providers should focus on offering responsible gaming messaging and tools. Sweepstakes sites typically have a section where players can review responsible gaming information. This includes learning to set a budget, limit purchases, or practice responsible sessions.

Return to Player (RTP)

Every slot game and other types of content has an RTP, which refers to the return on investment a player can earn from gaming. RTPs can range from 92%-98% on average. Games with a higher RTP are believed to offer better odds of winning.


Scatter Symbols

A scatter icon in slot games provides access to prizes and special features like free spins. Most slots will require three or more scatters to start a feature, such as offering a set number of free spins.

Social Casino

The term social casino is another way of referring to a sweepstakes casino.

Social Games

Sweepstakes sites often refer to their content as social games since they are not played like a traditional casino platform. Operators are not allowed to use the term casino games.

Social Play

Sweepstakes sites do not refer to gaming as gambling; it is called social play instead.


Sweepstakes casinos do not use the terms wager or bet. Instead, sites may say spin when referring to playing slot games. A slot may start with 0.10 SCs per spin or offer a prize of up to 10,000x the spin amount.

Sweeps Coins

Sweepstakes sites use Sweeps Coins as part of the virtual currency, with players able to play the coins and redeem them for real prizes. These coins are given away for free and are not available for purchase.


Sweepstakes platforms will also refer to Sweeps Coins as SCs.

Sweepstakes Coins

This is another way a site may refer to the Sweeps Coins.


This is a type of contest in which a winner is randomly selected. When playing games at a sweepstakes casino, you enter a competition, hence the sweepstake element.


Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of a sweepstakes site provide insight into how the platform works. The details outline legal terms, how to use Gold and Sweeps Coins, and other information. You can find which states are prohibited in this section as well.


Some providers will offer tournaments where players can participate in contests to earn more prizes. Points are earned from gameplay, and top point earners can receive a portion of a Gold or Sweeps Coin prize pool.


Verification Process

Players must verify their identity to play sweepstakes games. You will be asked to verify via email or SMS upon setting up an account. Additionally, players must verify their accounts by providing a copy of a government ID, such as a driver’s license or passport. A proof of address is also required. The verification process must be completed before a prize redemption can occur.

Virtual Currency

The term virtual currency describes the types of coins players can access at sweepstakes sites. Most sites use Gold and Sweeps Coins, but others may have varying names for the virtual currency used.

Void Where Prohibited

This is a disclaimer that providers use to explain that players cannot participate in gaming in jurisdictions where this type of activity is considered illegal.


Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is the initial offering from a sweepstakes site for new players. The deal will typically include a set amount of Gold and Sweeps Coins. Once your account is created, the bonus is instantly added for quick game access.

Wild Symbols

A wild symbol in a slot game can produce wins by substituting for other icons. Wilds can multiply or offer standard prizes as well.