GiG Announces Launch of SweepX Social Casino Platform

Gaming Innovation Group has announced the launch of its new social casino platform SweepX, an innovative sweepstakes casino solution aimed at the US market.

SweepX offers a range of cutting-edge features designed to help operators become more effective in serving the booming online sweeps market in the US.

Welcoming the launch, GiG’s Chief Business Officer Andrew Cochrane said the product is the result of the group’s relentless drive to develop industry-leading technologies for online gaming.

“GiG is synonymous with innovation and our SweepX solution is the result of our tireless pursuit of excellence for product innovation across the online sweepstake market.”

With powerful store management features, AI-driven content management, and dual wallet support, GiG said the technology will provide a “competitive advantage” to operators, streamlining for growth and engagement in the social sweepstakes casino market.

SweepX builds on GiG’s real-money gaming technology while introducing bespoke features for sweepstakes on the backend and a vast library of sweepstake casino content.

The announcement comes alongside details of a new partnership with Primero Games LLC, the largest land-based sweepstakes operator in the US. The deal will see Primero step into the online market for the first time, powered by the SweepX platform.

Operating over 50,000 sweepstakes machines in the US, the partnership with GiG will allow Primero to expand rapidly into the online market through the combination of its own extensive player database and the industry-leading technology provided by SweepX.

Barry Rutherford, CEO at Primero, said the partnership would help his company capitalize on opportunities in the US and across global markets.

“GiG’s world class platform will allow us to bring more content and an experience for our players that is second to none. Combining our unique player acquisition strategy and GiG’s innovative technology, we are positioned perfectly for the US market and for iGaming markets across the globe.”

With the market for online sweepstakes casinos in the US set to reach $6.9 billion by 2025, the launch comes at a time of significant opportunity for operators hoping to expand their reach online.

Given Primero’s substantial offline footprint, few would bet against their ability to capitalize on these trends in the online social casino space.