Players can chat with friends through the platform and stream themselves playing online casino games in a bid to encourage content creators. With promising results during the early access period, over 150,000 users signed up to participate in the MyPrize gaming community prior to its official launch.

Described as “bringing all of the energy of a live casino online,” MyPrize aims to connect creators and players through its BetTogether technology, creating a social casino gambling experience that relies on community.

The casino allows players to withdraw their winnings as cryptocurrency or use their prizes to enter sweepstakes for the chance to win prizes, including crypto, in the case of players in the US.

“A Truly Disruptive Presence…”

CEO Zach Bruch said MyPrize would build on the strength of online communities by establishing a truly disruptive presence in the social casino and sweepstakes space.

“MyPrize is a platform that leans into the strengths of online communities – these massive communities that have managed to forge deep interpersonal connections within message boards and chat rooms.”

Creators have the opportunity to earn unlimited rewards through securing new players, engaging existing players, and developing their communities.

MyPrize has already secured creators like Atomic, Solace, and TSteezy, with more expected to join the platform in the coming days.

Will It Work?

According to its backers, MyPrize has a serious shot at disrupting the casino space with what is no doubt a novel offering. Combining elements of live streaming platforms like Twitch with live casino play, it already plays to the natural and well-established dynamics of creators and communities.

With the added crypto angle, it is likely to speak to cryptocurrency enthusiasts, as well as online gamblers increasingly switching to crypto for fast, secure deposits and withdrawals.

With the wind in their sails, it remains to be seen whether MyPrize delivers on its promise. At the intersection of appeal for a number of existing online user demographics, it seems well-poised to do just that.