Sweepstakes casinos honor the regular visitor by awarding XP points, bonus points, gold coins, sweep coins, and other perks. Casino players can find out from our guide just how innovative sweeps casinos can get when it comes to loyalty programs.

For starters, if you have a favorite sweep casino, you will soon notice some of the benefits. Many winners of online slots machines will see giveaways, ready to be claimed, appear in their accounts. Reaching milestones and completing in-game tasks is another way to see the difference in promotions between standard and sweep casinos.

What Do Sweeps Casinos VIP and Rewards Programs Offer?

We have unpacked the crucial information on this subject to make it easy to understand. Award points are won by simply playing casino games. The majority of casino sites in this family of casino entertainment don’t require signing up for the VIP or Rewards program.

Some Sweepstakes casinos, such as Global Poker, offer from the moment you join and start playing their loyalty bonus “The Vault”, where each time you win, you’ll get, either if it’s on free play or promotional play, you will be granted a Gold Coin or Sweeps Coin directly to your Vault depending on the style of game you are playing.

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The first reward comes when you purchase gold coins which enable you to unlock more games and play for much longer. Remember, you can play sweep slots for free, albeit with limited options.

The second reward comes when you play money in exchange for gold coins. In the event, the casino will award complimentary sweep coins, another currency in the sweep casino system.

Sweepstakes casinos do weekly events that are part of their rewards program. For example, the weekly drawing can award gold coins, sweeps coins, free spins or something else.

Making daily log-ins is one of the easiest ways to enjoy your status as a regular player. Doing so several times to create a login streak leads to gold coin awards or something else, depending on the casino.

In our experience with these types of casinos, there have been periods with choice awards based on the rewards program. For example, the period around the winter holidays may include a free entry in special prize drawings or gift cards that you can redeem in gold coins or free spins.

And, last but not least, some sweepstakes casinos do require players to join their VIP Program. Usually, Very Important Players receive bonus points that enable them to advance on the VIP ladder. As it is the case, the higher you get, the more benefits you can claim from the casino.

Highs And Lows

Pros And Cons Of Sweepstakes VIP Programs

  • Increase gold coin rewards Thumbs Up
  • Level up bonuses Thumbs Up
  • Frequent rewards, like free spins Thumbs Up
  • Reaching a top level requires frequent GC purchases Thumbs Down
  • Earning high VIP status is non-transferrable to other casinos Thumbs Down

How Can I Join A Sweepstakes Casino VIP Program?

Purchasing gold coins enhances a near-real casino experience, but you can play with coins you’ve won for free and earn VIP points automatically.

These are the two most common ways to join a VIP program. One is invite-only and is extended to regular players. The standard kind is available to all players while still providing excellent benefits.

Fortune Coins has a select VIP program only accessible through invitation. After you’ve played enough time with them, you can request to join their loyalty program, and most probably you will be invited to join it.

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Casinos usually enroll new players automatically and free of charge. Depending on the casino, your Loyalty/VIP points are shown in the upper-right corner of your browser or on the player’s dashboard.

Sweepstakes casinos are very good at displaying notifications and prompts when players reach some kind of milestone. This is also true regarding VIP points.

In our experience, the casino has sent us reminders about the status of accumulated points so that these can be used to unlock a game, get gold coin multipliers, purchase extra features, join contests and more.

It is important to know that casinos have a different approaches to providing benefits to the player through their respective VIP or Rewards program. Most casinos have tiers that are accordingly named to mark the level you’ve reached.

When you start playing at the casino, you begin at the first level, sometimes labeled “Bronze,” “Diamond,” or simply “Beginner.” Playing more games equals earning more VIP points and benefits, as each VIP level comes with better rewards and promotions.

Redeeming VIP prizes

The beautiful thing about sweepstakes casinos is that they have an excellent automated system that makes for a hassle-free casino experience. You don’t need to be on the lookout for VIP rewards as these are part of the notification system.

The multi-tiered VIP program automatically factors in the benefits depending on the level.

For example, if reaching the third level entails 50% more gold coins, 30% prize multiplier, and a gift multiplier of x2, your next purchase will include 50% more coins in your account; your prizes will earn 30% extra coins and your gifts will double. Advancing to the next level will increase the benefits and again, you will notice the difference as you play.

With better VIP rewards, players can win more gold coins and sweep coins. The ultimate reward is seeing the number of your sweep coins rise, which allows you to visit the customer desk and redeem your prizes in exchange for cash or as a gift card.

Expert Opinion

The main takeaway from our guide on VIP and Rewards Programs at sweepstakes casinos is that benefits are either very easy to claim or kick in automatically as you play. This feature makes these casinos even more attractive by extending the amount of fun you can have with more gold coins, rewards multipliers, special drawings, competitions, and more. All in all, VIP programs exist to make for an even better experience. Make sure to play responsibly and purchase gold coins in amounts that you can afford.

Sweepstakes VIP Programs FAQs

Making a gold coins purchase enrolls the player in the VIP program automatically and at no additional cost.

Every casino has a different threshold. However, the first level of the rewards program is usually achieved by earning very few XP (experience) or VIP points.

Once you reach a VIP level you will stay in that level indefinitely or advance to the next. Casinos don’t downgrade VIP levels.

Making gold in-game purchases, leveling up or logging in the casino are ways in which you can become VIP player. Purchasing gold coins requires real money.

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