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Social Casinos – They Are Legal Across The US

The biggest reason Sweepstakes Casinos are becoming bigger by the day is because of them being free and legal across all states (except Washington). Social casinos are a free alternative to classic gaming, where you play completely free sweepstakes casino games. You use the social casino’s virtual currency to play the games offered in their lobby, and as you win, you get to unlock other games and eventually win prizes.

You Can Win Cash Prizes Playing Social Casinos.

Although Social Casinos are intended to offer social slots, poker, blackjack, and more to play solely for fun, they offer several options that can lead to winning prizes that can eventually be redeemed for real cash prizes.

How Can I Win Real Cash Prizes Playing Social Casinos?

Social Casinos offer several ways to win real cash prizes; the most popular is by winning Sweepstakes Coins or whatever the Social Casino has named this virtual currency.

You can win these coins either by playing with Gold Coins (offered completely for free when you sign in to the operator) or by participating in their social contests and tournaments.

Gold Coins

Most Social Casinos offer free daily or weekly Gold Coins that will allow you to play several games and eventually unlock and win sweeps coins which are redeemable for cash prizes.

Social Contests And Giveaways

Another way to win sweeps coins is by following the Social Casinos’ social media (usually Facebook). These contests and giveaways are usually quite simple to get in; they post a pot, you subscribe to it, and you can share with as many friends as you want to.

Each Social Casino has its own tournaments, and besides offering sweeps coins, they also offer merch, trophies, and prizes you can post and brag about, just as the ones Global Poker often offers.

Why Are They So Popular?

Being able to play completely for free and still get the opportunity to win big prizes is a pretty big thrill in a country where online gambling is illegal across almost all states. Sweepstakes and Social Casinos allow players to play for fun, learn and even win prizes.

Playing at these social casinos will guide you on how these games work so you can later compete in real life against other players or continue playing at social tournaments and events as such completely for fun, just as you would playing a videogame.

Besides being able to train and play for fun, you can potentially win sweeps coins and redeem them for prizes, just as we mentioned before. So when you come to think about it… it all leads to the question… why wouldn’t they be popular?

Social Casinos are growing by the day. They’ve recently opened up the Canadian market and, little by little, are opening more and more brands allowing Canadian players to enjoy this gaming style. Who knows! Maybe in the near future, US players will be able to compete against Canadian players in one of Global Poker’s famous social poker tournaments!

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