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Every player has the opportunity to transfer VIP status to Wow Vegas. Players will be given a VIP status at Wow Vegas based on their standing within another brand. Once you have the status, you must maintain it to reap all the perks.

To transfer a VIP status, you must attach gameplay and VIP status screenshots. The support team at Wow Vegas can provide full details of what needs to be sent. The screenshots may vary per casino provider, so be sure to contact support to determine exactly which images are required.

The screenshots need to be clear, unedited, and uncropped. Once the information is received, the support team will check it and confirm the VIP-level request. The process can take up to 48 hours, so be patient. You will soon see if you are approved, rejected, or need to send in more details.

Wow Vegas VIP Program

Wow Vegas offers an extensive VIP program with several levels. Each level requires players to reach a certain level of play within their account. The starting account status is Rising Star, and as you play games, you can reach higher levels and receive even more rewards.

Each level offers daily prize drops, 24/7 customer support, daily SC email drawings, race rewards, and daily log-in rewards of GCs and SCs. If you are approved to move your VIP status to Wow Vegas, you can check out your standing once you know your new level for gaming.

Contact support today to see if you qualify and get started moving your VIP status!

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